Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Moving on!

When you start a new job or take up a new and challenging responsibility, one of the first things you always seem to need is initial words of encouragement to help you make a good start.

'Moses my servant is dead' (Joshua 1:2), was God's opening words to young Joshua as he began his task of leading the people of Israel.
Not the most encouraging word to initiate a young leader.

However, of course God knew just what he was doing.

When God takes you on into his promises and his purposes, we all need to be reminded that the past has gone, i.e. Moses is dead!
Why? Because we all have a tendency to want to stay in our past experiences.
The Israelites were no strangers to this kind of thinking.
When they were faced with challenge on their journey to the Land of Promises, they often looked back to the past experience of onions and garlics of Egypt, even though they would have eaten these foods as slaves.

Now they faced another challenge for a new day as they entered into the land that was before them.
It would have been easy for Joshua and the people to look back to Moses bringing 10 plagues against their enemy, or Moses lifting his staff and seeing the Red Sea part so they could cross, or Moses striking the rock and bringing forth water, or Moses going up the mountain to receive God's expressed instructions to this fledgling nation.

So God reminds them, 'Moses, my servant is dead'.

Now the Israelites were not the only ones who could tend to look back.
In the NT we have three of Jesus 'A' Team, Peter, James and John on the Mount of Transfiguration. They see Jesus reveal his glory on the mountain and immediately Peter wants to build a shelter. He wants to put up a structure around his experience.
Jesus, however, saw that what had happened was not to be kept as a past experience but was the springboard for the next thing God would have him do. He came down the mountain and exercised his authority over evil spirits that were destroying a young boy (Lk 9:28-43)

Let me encourage to move on from the comfort of what you know and take a step of faith that is wholly dependant of the God of the now.
Be encouraged by what God has done in the past i.e. 'As I was with Moses, so I will be with you'
But don't stay there. Step out, step up into God's promises for your life

Pastor Rae

Friday, 15 January 2010

Where are you standing?

As we begin 2010 I pray your heart is filled with hope and faith for your preferred future this coming year.
However, to step into your awesome tomorrow with any accuracy of knowing where you are headed means having a right perspective of where you are right now.

In Mt 3:13-17 we have the account of Jesus baptism and his release into the reason that he had come. If you look at this passage you will see some lessons to help you to realise the importance of standing in the right place as you begin this coming year.

v14 Jesus comes to be baptised - John asks "Why?".
Surely any concept of Jesus needing to repent, washed, buried etc. is false as he was "...without sin" Heb 4:15.
So why does Jesus say it must be done to "fulfil all righteousness?".
(Righteousness = Right standing; To perform completely what is right)

Please note the following: -
1. At this time John was God's highest authority on earth Matt 11:9-11 "...none greater".
2. To fulfil all righteousness Jesus must be in 'right standing' or 'Standing in right place' and submit to this 'higher authority' = i.e. under John.
3. The moment Jesus stands in right place, the moment Jesus submits to right order:-
a) The heavens are opened = Resources made available.
b) The Holy Spirit comes upon him = Power.
c) A voice comes from heaven = God gives affirmation, affection and confidence.

To do the things God has called you to do and to be the person God has called you to be this year it is vital you are standing in the 'right place' to receive God's resource, anointing and affirmation.

So where are you standing today?
Are you standing right?
In submission to leaders/church/employer/family/Word?
In faith?
In expectation?
In right relationships?

In the Star Trek series before they ever set on on Warp factor 5, Captain Kirk's command was always 'Get a fix on our position'. If you don't know your starting place your journey will be flawed.

Assess where you are standing today.
If its not the right place to get receive God's resource, anointing and affirmation than reposition yourself.
He is willing to show you where to stand so that every blessing for 2010 can be yours.
Don't miss it

Pastor Rae