Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Don't just tell; Show

In Luke 5:12-14 Jesus heals a man covered in leprosy.
Leprosy was and still is a terrible disease. In the culture of our text it was not only a very debilitating disease physically but caused the sufferer to be judged as unclean meaning they would be treated as a outcast by society and excluded from any social involvement.

We are told that the moment Jesus touched the man that the leprosy left him immediately.

What is interesting is that Jesus told him not to tell people but to show people that he had been made clean.

As Christians, the issue isn't simply that we tell people that we are forgiven and that we are saved but to show them by our lifestyle and actions.
What people see will always triumph over what people hear. When their eyes and ears conflict they will believe their eyes.

So let me ask you if you are showing, by your holy lifestyle that you are forgiven and clean?
What do people see by your behaviour and habits?
Is your lifestyle different than the worlds?
Live holy, live clean, avoid temptation, keep good company

Think about it.....