Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Overcoming Discouragement

Genesis 26:12-25
Water is the most common substance on the earth. 70% of the earth's surface is water.
The availability of water has given rise to some of the great civilizations of history.
Civilizations have fallen when water supplies failed.

The reason being is that water is one of the great needs of life and essential to sustain life.
People have killed over a muddy water hole.
Man can live an average of 2 months without food, but only one week without water.
In the semiarid climate of Palestine, the availability of water was priceless.
In a land where water was scarce, wells were extremely important.

It is not surprising that wells were a source of strife and fighting, as well as great joy and rejoicing when one was dug.

I have discovered that encouragement is just as vital to the success of your life as water is to the vitality of your body.

Without encouragement, even the best of ideas, the brightest of hopes and the biggest of our dreams, can shrivel and dry up in the heat of the process and barrenness of unfulfilment.

Th story of Isaac and his wells is a great example in overcoming discouragement.
It is important that each of us learn to dig wells of encouragement because like Isaac we have an enemy who wants to turn our hopes and dreams into graves of despair and depression.

Isaac was enjoyng a time of great blessing (v12-13) yet his success provoked his enemy to envy (v14)
Yet dispite the opposition Isaac rose above it all and prospered and so can you.

1. By removing the stuff others dump on you v18
You only get offended when you take offence.

2. Dig your own wells in God v19
It is observed that oil companies that are the most successful in finding oil are not the ones with the best technology or equipment or competent staff. Rather they are the ones that dig the most wells.
Persistence is the key to success

3. Move on. Don’t grow old fighting battles v22
Isaac could have focused on the issue of whose well it was and missed the big picture – Got hung up on principle
Never allow the issue to become the issue

4. Make the most of encounters with God v25
God spoke to him with a word of encouragement and comfort.
When this happens, build an alter so you can revisit it when discouragement comes again.

Let me encourage you to never gratify the Devil by being discouraged.

Don't allow negetivity to stick to you

Encourage yourself in the Lord

Nothing is more important that a healthy heart; even being right!

Continually remember the Lord's favour is upon you

Stay blessed

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