Friday, 10 June 2011

Stepping Out From The Ark

Ge 6:9-8:22

You will probably know the outline of the story of Noah and the Ark.

The key points relate to: -
Ge 6:5-8 God offended by man's wickedness and blessed by Noah's righteousness,
Ge 6: 14-22 Noah to build an Ark to escape the coming jusgement
Gen 7:14-16 The Ark was to take in "according to their kinds"
Gen 6:18, 7:13 God looking to start again with Noah and "his kind"
Gen 7:17 "Then the Lord shut him in" or KJV "closed the door".

God allowed Ark to be in the flood but didn't allow the flood to be in the Ark.

Why was Noah chosen?
1. Righteous Gen 6:9 . Blameless not innocent! This because he....
2. Intimacy Gen 6:9 He walked with God. . This released him to.....
3. Faith Heb 11:7 . Which caused him to live in.....
4. Obedience Gen 6:22 . Which qualified him to enter.....
5. Covenant Gen 6:18 . Which brought him out to......
6. Safety!!! Gen 8:15-18

But it didnt just take faith to enter the Ark; it also took faith for Noah to leave the Ark.
They were to leave their place of safety and security after 1 year 10 days.
Having been saved from flood, now told to step from rescue vehicle, safety boat, life-raft into a different world/experience than they had known.

The Ark was not a pleasant place among the animals i.e. smells, dirt etc.
It was filled with Isolation, loneliness, seclusion.
Locked up with pain of past memories i.e. How it used to be, people left behind.
But it was THEIR Ark, it was their safe place against the rain, it was their refuge against the flood.

The day came to step out from the Ark.

And for you too, this is that day!!!
You may have been there a long time (1yr 10days).

But God didn't forget Noah and he hasn't forgotten you Gen 8:1.
God sent a wind and flood receded.

Today the Holy Spirit is blowing to rescind your flood so you can step out of your safe place ( but not necessarily good place) Gen 8:1

We all go through storms and floods and we all look to jump on some passing Ark to help and protect us i.e. rejection, bitterness, hurt, isolation, doctrinal stance.
But there comes a day when God remembers to call us out to our destiny.

Noah came out with purpose and a new beginning Gen 9:7

God closed the door of the Ark but Noah had to open it to face his tomorrow's.
So do you!!!!!

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