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Ressurection! The Antidote to Entropy

Resurrection! The Antidote to Entropy

‘Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death’ (Ro 8:1-2)

I am not a scientist and neither do I have any deep understanding of scientific things.

However, I have gleaned from people who have a scientific knowledge that there is a scientific law called ‘The third law of thermo-dynamics’, otherwise known as the ‘law of entropy’.

This law states in layman’s terms that, ‘everything left by itself, without any outside influence, falls into decay’.

This law is seen to be at work all around us in the natural realm e.g. beautiful garden without a gardener becomes a plot of weeds, a beautiful home without continual maintenance becomes a pile of dust, a brand new Mercedes without tender care will become a pile of rust.

It is a law that those that dismiss a belief in creation and cling to the belief in the theory of evolution seem to forget. For a state of nothingness cannot produce anything without an outside influence.

Can I suggest to you that that which science has discovered and called ‘The third law of thermo-dynamics’ or the ‘law of entropy’, the Bible has known about for a very long time.

However, the Bible calls it by another name, ‘…the law of sin and death’.
Very simply it means, if you sin you die.

Adam and Eve in the Garden disobeyed the Command ‘Do not eat’ and their disobedience brought judgement.
Man rejected the outside influence or higher power and is now left by itself with decay.
Ever since the world has been subject to this law.
This is the natural order.
Since man fell in the Garden of Eden things have progressively become worse with the passage of time.
Oh yes, man has made many advances in life, technology, medicine, art, science and discoveries, but the deterioration of the law of sin and death continues.
We still get older, weaker and die.
The world, despite its advancements has suffered more death through war in the last 100 years than throughout history combined.
Atrocities still face us day by day.

Man still has no cure for a broken heart, guilt, or fear.
Why? Because without and outside influence, without intervention from a power greater than itself, man is locked into the law of sin and death and continues into decay.

The answer we come up with is to look into ourselves, discover our true potential, work harder, learn more, increase, invest, follow this way or that way. But all of them are based on the natural order of things.
We do not have the answer.

As you prepare for the Easter holidays you are facing probably the most important day in the Christian calendar.
Why? Because it reminds us that on this day 2,000 years ago man was given the opportunity to participate in a change from the natural order of things.

Jesus Christ, who was crucified, certified dead and buried three days earlier, was raised to life!
The resurrection went against the natural order of things and the Bible promises that all who trust in Christ with all their heart will do the same.

The law of sin and death was impacted by a higher law.
The law of the Spirit of Life sets us free from the law of sin and death,

What is the law of the Spirit of Life?
Very simply it is this, just in the same way the law of sin and death came into the world through the sin and disobedience of one man, Adam, so the law of the Spirit of life comes through the obedience of one man, Jesus Christ.
Death came into the world because of what one man (Adam) did, and it is because of what this other man (Christ) has done that now there is the resurrection from the dead. Everyone dies because all of us are related to Adam, being members of his sinful race, and wherever there is sin, death results. But all who are related to Christ will rise again’ (1Co 15:21-23 TLB)

So what law are you living under?
Why not take a step this Easter and break the law that kills and submit to the law that brings life.

Just saying......

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